City provides update on 7-Line, proposes all-way stops

City provides update on 7-Line, proposes all-way stops
Bloomington's 7-Line

Next week, Andrew Cibor from Bloomington's Engineering Department will provide updates on the 7-Line project in two public meetings. The details provided by Mr. Cibor from the meeting packet are summarized below.

  • Bicycle/Scooter traffic is up 26% based on sensor data near Woodlawn
  • Between Dunn and Grant, bicycle/scooter observed traffic is up 259%
  • Transit metrics are not available yet. Modifications were implemented to address width and turning concerns for buses.
  • Corridor-wide pedestrian crashes have decreased, while accessibility has been improved. 59 accessible curb ramps were constructed.
  • Motor vehicle traffic has increased by 11% to 27% between Walnut and Indiana. The measured average speed is 27 mph, with regular speeds up to 32 mph, compared to the speed limit of 25 mph, indicating drivers feel comfortable using the 10' wide lanes.
  • Flexible posts were installed at bike lane entrances, significantly decreasing the incidents of drivers entering the bike lanes. These were removed for plowing snow but will be re-installed in the spring.
  • The project removed 42 actively used parking spaces, while 44 were added nearby on Dunn Street.

Crash Data

For a rolling 12 month period there were 3 crashes reported at Morton St, 5 at Washington, 5 at Lincoln, 4 at Grant and 12 at Dunn Street. The majority of crashes were a result of motor vehicle drivers failing to yield to other motor vehicles. These were primarily right-angle collisions. In many crash reports, the driver on the side street reported to police that they mistakenly thought the intersections had all-way stop controls. All the intersections have "Cross traffic does not stop" placards.

Enhancement Alternative

The Engineering Department recommends that stop signs be brought back to the 7-Line intersections at Morton, Washington, Lincoln, Grant and Dunn.

The full report provides extensive details on the pros and cons of the re-implementation of stop signs on 7th St.

7-Line Update Full Report

The full 7-Line update is available within the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission meeting packet starting on page 6.

Upcoming 7-Line meetings

The 7-Line will be presented at following upcoming meetings. Both meetings have space for public comment for anyone wishing to express opinions regarding this new data.

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission, March 20th at 5:30 PM in the Hooker Conference Room at City Hall  ( Zoom link, Meeting Packet )
  • Traffic Commission, March 22nd at 4:30 in Council Chambers at City Hall (Zoom link, meeting packet)