Press Release

Press Release

For Immediate Release

February 4, 2023

Contact Hopi Stosberg for Bloomington, 765-277-1918,,

Bloomington, Indiana - Bloomington resident, Hopi Stosberg, has declared her candidacy for the Bloomington City Council District 3 seat, contending for the Democratic nomination in the May 2 primary. The recently modified District 3 consists of the following precincts: B7, B8, B9, B10, B16, B21, B22, and B23.

Stosberg has lived in Bloomington with her spouse and two children since 2013, during which time she has been active in our community. Her background as a high school math teacher led her to engage in her childrens’ educational communities. She has served as University Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization President and Vice-President, where she increased school fund-raising and helped rewrite organization by-laws to improve inclusivity and qualify the organization for 501(c)(3) status; she has also served on various MCCSC committees related to hiring and curriculum and coached youth sports.

Hopi strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those around her. She volunteered extensively with the Interfaith Winter Homeless Shelter and currently co-leads a volunteer group working with Exodus Refugee to support refugee resettlement in the area. She says “I find working with people very rewarding. I am constantly in awe of the resilience people show. I love how I am forced to rethink my own cultural assumptions and expand the ways I recognize excellence in others. Everyone has something to give and I enjoy that process of discovery and confidence building.”

Parenting school-age children in MCCSC, being a former high school math teacher, and having a lifelong passion for and support of public education connects Stosberg with our public school system in ways that the City Council currently lacks. Stosberg believes “strong schools build strong communities and, in turn, strong communities build strong schools”, so city and school governance should be natural partners in efforts that strengthen the overall Bloomington community.

Stosberg is eager to bring what she has learned as a community member and volunteer with MCCSC, the unhoused population, and recent immigrants to her role on City Council. She has a broad view of the needs of city residents and an awareness of areas where gaps in service create challenges-like affordable housing, early child care, and public transportation. Additionally, she hopes to bring focus to a more inclusive system of citizen engagement, so it is easier for Bloomington residents to provide feedback to City Council and extend avenues of feedback to deliberately include currently underserved and underrepresented populations within Bloomington. To learn more about Hopi and engage with her campaign, please visit her website at