Hopi Stosberg

Hopi Stosberg for District 3

I am running for City Council because my background in education, executive level volunteering, and first hand service experiences combine to give me a broad picture of Bloomington's strengths and weaknesses and will bring a fresh perspective to Council business. I'm most passionate about issues related to family success, which encompasses topics like housing, accessibility to city services, safety, education, and childcare.


  • Supporting citizens through expansion of public transportation, early child care, and affordable family housing options in Bloomington.
  • Improving systems to reflect values of justice, equity, and inclusion
  • Mindfulness related to climate change and city initiatives
  • Supporting youth and educational systems

Where Is Bloomington District 3?

In 2022 the Bloomington City Council re-drew city council districts. Below is a map of the new District 3, which encompasses the following precincts: B7, B8, B9, B10, B16, B21, B22, and B23.

Boundary Map for Bloomington, Indiana District 3