Hopi Stosberg

Hopi Stosberg for City Council

Democratic Nominee for Bloomington District 3

I am running for City Council because my background in education, executive level volunteering, and first hand service experiences combine to give me a broad picture of Bloomington's strengths and weaknesses and will bring a fresh perspective to Council business. I was thrilled to win the primary election in May and I'm looking forward to the November general election and hope that the residents of Bloomington District 3 will again choose me as the person most fit to represent them on City Council. I remain most passionate about issues related to family success, which encompasses topics like housing, accessibility to city services, safety, education, and childcare and am learning more each day about how service on City Council can reflect those priorities.


Support my Campaign

If you are interested in supporting me during the campaign process, please follow the links below to learn how to get involved or consider giving financially to my campaign. Thank you for your support.

Where Is Bloomington District 3?

In 2022 the Bloomington City Council re-drew city council districts. Below is a map of the new District 3, which encompasses the following precincts: B7, B8, B9, B10, B16, B21, B22, and B23.

Boundary Map for Bloomington, Indiana District 3
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